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"Tell me more about this t-shirt business idea." -Mark Rusz, May 2019

Those eight little words channeled Watermark Apparel from a vague concept to a tangible reality.  You might be wondering what that concept was. To flood our local communities with crazy-soft shirts, decorated with simple screen printed designs, at an affordable price. We're off to a great start!

About Mark and Mark

We are two friends with a deep love for our families, friends, all people, water (hence "Watermark"), running (sometimes), and most importantly, super-soft t-shirts! Mark Rusz is a highly decorated athlete from St. Charles, Michigan and a graduate of Central Michigan University (Fire Up, Chips!). Mark Burley is a highly average athlete from Canton, Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State University (Go Green!). Each of us bring unique talents to the partnership and together make a dynamic team.

We officially launched Watermark Apparel, LLC in May of 2019. We sailed into June with the purchase of a six paddle manual press screen printer and all the necessary equipment to crank out quality products. In July, we tied up our first official order for a kickball team dubbed "Saved by the Ball." We are now plunging ahead with orders for fundraisers, sports teams and school stores. 

All businesses flow from humble beginnings. Our story is no different. We look forward to riding the waves of Watermark's growth, and we thank you for being a part of the voyage. 

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